Documentary About One of My Favourite Photographers ~ Albert Watson

The 15 minute full length documentary of Master Photographer, Albert Watson shooting the legendary Neiman Marcus Fall 2010 'Art of Fashion' campaign. The piece is the first ever presentation of Watson on set - with exclusive interviews and insight to all that goes into creating this iconic campaign.

Phat Albert - Documentary about Photographer Albert Watson from Chris Rupert on Vimeo.

To see more of Albert Watson's fantastic work click here

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LIFE magazine’s Frank Scherschel captured countless lesser-known scenes from the run-up to the D-Day onslaught and the heady weeks after: American troops training in small English towns; the French countryside, implausibly lush after the spectral landscape of the beachheads; the reception GIs enjoyed en route to the capital; the jubilant liberation of Paris itself.

As presented here, in masterfully restored color, Scherschel’s pictures — most of which were never published in LIFE — feel at-once profoundly familiar and somehow utterly, vividly new. [via LIFE]

A note on the photographer: Frank Scherschel (1907-1981) was an award-winning staff photographer for LIFE well into the 1950s. His younger brother Joe was a LIFE photographer, as well.

In addition to the Normandy invasion, Frank Scherschel photographed the war in the Pacific, the 1947 wedding of Princess Elizabeth, the 1956 Democratic National Convention, collective farming in Czechoslovakia, Sir Winston Churchill (many times), art collector Peggy Guggenheim, road racing at Le Mans, baseball, football, boxing, a beard-growing contest in Michigan and countless other people and events, both epic and forgotten.

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Photographer Profile ~ Fan Ho

Award-wining photographer Fan Ho has won 280 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide since 1956.

Fan Ho was born in Shanghai in 1937, but immigrated with his family to Hong Kong at an early age. Ho began photographing at a very young age with a Rolleiflex camera his father gave him. Largely self-taught, his photos display a fascination with urban life, explored alleys, slums, markets and streets, depicting the street vendors and children only a few years younger than himself. He developed his images in the family bathtub and soon had built up a significant body of work, chronicling Hong Kong in the 50s and 60s as it was becoming a major metropolitan center.

Upon seeing Ho Fan's work for the first time in 2006, gallery owner Laurence Miller commented that "they felt like direct descendants of the Bauhaus, yet they were made in Hong Kong. They were abstract and humanistic at the same time."

Ho Fan is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of America, the Royal Photographic Society and the Royal Society of Arts in England, and an Honorary Member of the Photographic Societies of Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium.[via wiki]

In July 2009, Modernbook Gallery hosted a special artist talk with Fan Ho, a discussion led by Professor of Art and Design in the photography program at San Jose State University, Brian Taylor. Fan Ho discusses his history and philosophy regarding image making.
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