Supercut Homage To Photographers in The Movies

By English artists Mishka Henner and David Oates 

“David and I have been questioning the role and perception of photographers for some time and wanted to make a film that excavated this now ubiquitous character from film history,” says Henner

“After many days and nights of failed attempts we finally came up with sequences that worked. You need stamina to make work like this and there were times when we didn’t think we had it,” says Henner. “Blow-Up, Peeping Tom and Full Metal Jacket stand head and shoulders above the rest for the sheer quality of cinematography, storytelling, and the performances. But it’s impossible not to like even the worst performances and characterizations – being a photographer is complicated and even the worst stereotypes contain grains of truth”

“Taking the photographer out of their original context and putting them in a frame with their celluloid peers resulted in dialogs and symmetries we hadn’t expected,” says Henner. “There’s an absurdity to the endless cycle of photographers photographing themselves on-screen but after a while, you start to wonder if it’s really that different to what’s happening in real life.”
[via Wired]
Photographers from BlackLab on Vimeo.
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Behind the Scenes of 2009 Pirelli Calendar Shoot ~ with photographer Peter Beard

Peter Beard at work

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Photographer Profile ~ Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Yasuhiro Ishimoto (Japanese American, 1921- ) was born in San Francisco and raised Kochi City, Japan. In 1939, due to concerns of him being drafted he returned to the US where he studied agriculture at the University of California (1940-42). He moved to Chicago in 1944 and began to study architecture at Northwestern University in 1946 when he met photographer Harry Shigeta and took up photography seriously. Two years later Ishimoto transferred to the Institute of Design where he studied with Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, and Gordon Coster(1948-52).

In 1961 he returned to Japan (Tokyo), where he has lived ever since. Ishimoto showed his devotion to his adopted city, Chicago, in his book, Chicago, Chicago (Bijutsu Shuppan-sha, 1969). This book is often regarded as Ishimoto's most personal statement - his bold use of contrast, the design of the frame, and the influence of his studies in architecture define his Chicago. Ishimoto has published many books and exhibited widely throughout Japan and the US. In 1999 he was the subject of a career retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago. [via]

G.I in Tokyo,1953

Halloween, Chicago, 1950
Halloween, Chicago, 1950
Chicago, c.1950's

Halloween, Chicago, 1950

Halloween, Chicago, 1950

Halloween, Chicago, 1950

Halloween, Chicago, 1950

Halloween, Chicago, 1950

Tokyo, 1962

North Avenue Beach, Chicago, 1952

Yasuhiro Ishimoto with eager subjects
Yasuhiro Ishimoto and his fury assistant set up a hsot

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